No, You're Just a Racist

The new trailers for Rings of Power have really upset a certain group of fans, resulting in numerous dumpster fire videos and articles to pop up almost instantly thanks to the echo chamber nature of the alt-right. Many decried the existence of non-white characters as being a departure from the work of Tolkien and therefore an abomination.

Note that every screen adaptation has been massively different than the written originals.

If you want a great example, presuming you've never read the books, go and read a few chapters of Fellowship.

Major characters are left out, the sequence is way different, etc.

Jackson took great liberties in his adaptations, especially when it came to working on The Hobbit.

And while I can understand fans of the written works being distressed with the changes made, I don't see this new wave of complaints coming from that same place.

Are these fans calling out the Amazon Prime series for changing The Silmarillion drastically by altering the timeline?


I already anticipate major changes to take place in general.

The fact is, the only issue they have is that non-white characters will be present and therefore it's not acceptable to them. The fact that they are so triggered by seeing darker skin on their televisions is tragically depressing and that there is enough of a base interested in watching these people whine about it is even worse.

So, let me be clear that I admittedly do wish Tolkien's works were more faithfully transferred to the screen. I just understand that they never will be and I have enjoyed the output, regardless. You might not like the films and/or might not like the new show. God knows I have no idea if I'll enjoy it, either. I just know writing off a new series just because it's not all-white is one of the most pathetic takes I've seen gain traction on the internet in a while.